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Fredrickson Family Innovation Lab, Library RM 250

Dive into the power of storytelling and AI-assisted data analysis. Whether you are a digital humanities researcher, a scientist, a business analyst, or just someone curious about the future of Human-AI collaboration, you will learn how to take the driver’s seat and work with Large Language Models to analyze datasets, uncover hidden patterns, and craft stories that captivate and inform.

In this workshop with Dr. Tommy Xie, Director of the Fredrickson Family Innovation Lab, we will discuss a variety of topics including the strengths and weaknesses of LLMs as a data analytics tool, knowledge- and context-driven prompt engineering,  assessment methods of LLM outputs, and ways to discern and minimize hallucination. Additionally, we will address strategies to transform analytics into compelling narratives and leverage the human-AI collaboration to grow your data literacy.

* RSVP is required to attend the workshop

** A paid LLM service (e.g. ChatGPT or Gemini) is preferred but not required for this workshop.

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  • Adrian Ambrose

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